The photo session in the studio always follows the same procedure: from a great distance you are captured by the camera. Pure and uninhibited. No glamor but body art in its simplicity.

The emphasis is on your posture and not specifically on your facial expression. Few accessories are used and contact with the camera is not important. The light will emphasize your body shapes in a special way.

On most images you are unrecognizable, the postures are standing, sitting, lying and “moving” like a dance position. Sometimes a thick rope or metal ring is used to give your body more strength.

A number of postures can be compared to yoga exercises. It takes a bit of daring because you are completely undressed during the recording. Of course a friend can be present or participate.

example light

By the way, most models on this website are not professional models. Even the majority posed in this way for the first time. It indicates that the threshold does not have to be high.

These images were also not made for the ‘recognizability’ of the model or ‘sensual seductive’ poses, but figure photography in its pure form. Do you think ‘that is a fun or special experience’? Then there is the possibility to register via the contact form.

The concept is still ongoing and models are always welcome. Make it an experience for yourself or together with your mother/sister/girlfriend. Anyway, cooperation is free and you also receive a series of edited (digital) photos for yourself. Always special for later to look back.

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