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This webpage will try to provide answers to questions, doubts and/or hesitations. Indeed, the concept is primarily intended for women. They are central and simply have nicer shapes and lines. However, a duo (with man or woman) is also possible, which gives the image even more power.

On the photos, the models are undressed, but not everything has to be explicit visible. Would you like to cooperate but are afraid that your parents/neighbors/employer will see this? We only post on artwebsites, without mentioning your name.  The photos are not used for social media! therefore you cannot be ‘tagged’.

Everyone is equal, anonymous and if desired also unrecognizable. Are you reluctant to move undressed in a studio? Bring someone you trust. As a photographer, privacy is a high priority here, nobody comes near you. The distance at which you come into the picture is 5 meters and there is a changing room within reach.

If you are unsure whether these types of photos are suitable for you, we can be short: yes! every person is unique! Whether one body will be ‘more beautiful’ than the other is really an illusion. Because of the soft lighting, everyone comes into the picture in the same way: simply beautiful as a person.